January 11, 2017

As a designer, the inevitable question that I ask my clients during our appointment is, “What is your style”. With the extensive selection of plumbing fixtures we offer at Waterplace, knowing your style preference will help in narrowing down the selections.

As simple as the question, “What is your style” may sound, to some this is actually a very difficult question to answer. To simplify this question and help clients pin-point their style preference, I tend to break down design styles into 3 main categories: traditional, transitional and modern.

Traditional: A design style that is classic with understated details and curves. This style is intended to give you a sense of comfort yet with an elegant, formal look. Dark finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, seem to be the go to finish for this style. Although, this look can also be accomplished with many other finishes such as chrome.

Transitional: A popular style because it combines both traditional and modern styles into one. This style is less ornate, lacking the sleek profiles found in modern design. Another reason why this style is favored by many is because it strikes a perfect balance between masculine and feminine design. This style is always “transitioning” and evolving; therefore, experimenting with various finishes is encouraged.

Modern: When I think of this style my mind goes immediately to one of my favorite styles…mid-century modern. Modern fixtures are designed with straight lines and basic geometric shapes. Shiny surfaces and polished chrome are a must with modern design. Keep it simple and you’ll definitely achieve this style.

Hopefully, this brief outline of the primary design categories has helped you to better define your style. Before you tackle your next renovation project, I hope you will remember to visit us at Waterplace where we can make your design vision a reality!